No More Feeling Baked Off Your Beans

Microdose the most popular psychoactive drug in the world โ€” caffeine.

Know How Much of That Good-Good You're Getting

You know the fat in your milk, carbs in your beer, and thickness of your toilet paper. But for some reason you need to be Nicolas Cage* to figure out the caffeine in your coffee.

*As portrayed in National Treasure (2004)

For Easy Mornings and Afternoon Delights

Itโ€™s a post-2pm pick-me-up that will keep you grooving without the jitters or losing zzzโ€™s. Or a low-dose morning wakeup for us caffeine lightweights.

What People Are Saying

Shom S.

"Iโ€™m always sipping coffee throughout the day and then I drink too much and get jittery. So this is really ideal!"

Matt L.

"Provides caffeine sensitive folks who still love coffee a way to enjoy. For those not sensitive, is still a nice way to end a meal out!"

Erica M.

"I can drink it late and not stay awake for hours, not get the jitters and still enjoy that sweet sweet taste of coffee."

Matt G.

"Enjoy the taste with none of my inconsistent reactions to caffeine overload."