One Month Supply


    Juicy and complex, with flavors of toffee, milk chocolate, and mandarin.

    A hybrid of ethically sourced Colombian beans.

    Roasted in Los Angeles, direct trade certified, sustainably sourced, and delivered in fully compostable packaging. 

    Just litely caffeinated coffee, no secret ingredients that you need to be Nicolas Cage* to understand

    *As portrayed in The Rock (1996)

    The Closest a Hybrid Can Get to Single Origin

    We source both of our beans from a small community of farmers in the Jericho region of Colombia. This unique blend of beans from the same neighborhood allows us to keep the flavor profiles super similar.

    Sugar Cane Decaffeination Process

    Frankly, this is the tastiest and most natural way to decaf coffee. This process uses sugar cane to create an ethanol compound to decaffeinate the beans. Creating a sweeter, more enjoyable, cup of coffee.

    Roasted with 90% Decaf and 10% Caff

    We blend in fully caffeinated beans to provide the lite buzz in our Microdose Roast. Our beans are lab tested and each bag contains ~20mg of caffeine per cup of coffee.