Nicolas Cage Impersonator

Like many of you, we’ve noticed the majority of great marketing ideas involve Nicolas Cage. His iconic roles in National Treasure, The Rock, Conair, Season of the Witch (to name a few) have made him the most sought after brand spokesman of all time. 

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints and our inability to bend the time/space continuum, reaching the real Nick Cage seems next to impossible. Since impossible isn’t in the “Cage” vernacular, we decided to look for an impersonator who can bring his essence to life. The Buzz Lite Nicolas Cage Impersonator™ will be featured in promotional materials, videos, employee safety videos, and social media. 

The ideal candidate should have:

  • An uncanny resemblance to thespian, filmmaker, and conservationist Nicolas Cage.
  • Graduated from The Juilliard School, school of hard knocks, or equivalent institution.
  • A clear understanding of, and the ability to quickly procure, the US Constitution.
  • The ability to scream on command, in different tones, dialects, and languages. 

Responsibilities include, and or, not limited, but limited to:

  • Ability to work remotely with the Buzz Lite Global HQ.
  • Coordinate remote video production. 
  • Come to the table with content ideas, and the ability to filter them through a “What would Nick Cage do?” framework. 


  • We will pay per piece of content that this impersonator develops. 
  • At Buzz Lite we definitely get “high” off our own supply. And by high we mean feeling just right. You’ll get full access to our products.  
  • Free Buzz Lite swag.

Good luck to all applicants. Please email to apply. We will leave you with these words:

Killing me won’t bring back your god damn honey!” — Nicolas Cage, The Wicker Man